Rob Hueniken is a writer, photographer and advocate for people. He writes the blogs NeoPeopleism and Making More of Today.

“NeoPeopleism is about all of us — rich, poor and in between — encouraging decisions that put people first, showing respect for people, and living the motto ‘People matter most‘ “.  ~ Rob Hueniken


NeoPeopleism is about people regaining the focus in our world.

Through intentions and decisions, both good and bad, we have created societies more focused on money and things than on people. The result has been poverty, division and the loss of jobs and human dignity.

NeoPeopleism has no smaller goal than for us to live and work together in better ways that respect and focus on the value of each person.
The compassion, creativity and capabilities are already in us to do this. We can each make a difference, by making a personal and professional commitment to putting people first.
Together we can make our lives, businesses and world better.

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I first got Twitter for group texting at a conference. Since then I've found like-minded thinkers, alternative perspectives, and passionate people trying to understand existence. Let's keep at that! 🌎👭👫👬⬅️🏃🚶😀 #MyTwitterAnniversary

The problems in our economy & society are largely due to bad policy decisions that favour giant corporations and the rich. Politicians and business leaders, hear this well: Whatever you do next it’s got to be good for the people. http://neopeopleism.com/2012/08/what-we-do-next-has-got-to-be-good-for-the-people--neopeopleism.html @SenSanders @ewarren @AOC

We've arrived at a glorious goal for #extremegreed: no proper taxation. The rich used to get richer by building factories and providing more jobs. Now they use hedge funds and dodge taxes, denying our society the shared prosperity we used to be part of. http://neopeopleism.com/2021/04/greed-has-never-been-so-good--neopeopleism.html

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