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Continuing on to the New World

 Society and happiness have always had people at their core. The value and strengths of people enrich our days and power our communities and industries.

While there’s a vital role for money, business and the financial sector, they need to be the servants, not the masters, of people and society. We need to reset the balance of our time and efforts, to swing it back to its natural focus on people.

The change we need doesn’t take rocket scientists, MBAs or a corporate board — it is something that each of us can help with everyday, in every town, in every nation.

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Something’s not right here – The List

 Life in the 21st century has a lot of really good things. There’s been health advances, new music and art, and amazing technology. On paper it sounds pretty good. On TV it looks even better!

But we’re starting to get the sense that something’s not right here. There are too many things going on that miss the mark for regular folks, taking us to places that we didn’t expect to end up, both personally and as nations.

So here’s a list of 5 things that work against regular people, and some starting ideas for setting things right.

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3 key components for us to move forward

 When it comes to changing the world regular folks have a few choices.

  • We can elect people and empower them to hopefully work on our concerns.
  • We could get someone to make fancy flow charts that show the hundreds of steps and departments needed to get anything done.
  • Or we could look around at the people in our lives – in our neighborhood and our workplace — and wonder what we can accomplish together, on things that we care about, using our own skills and connections. Let’s go with this one.

What NeoPeopleism is and is not

 NeoPeopleism is not a religion, a political ideology or a form of socialism. You can be of any religion, political party or economic system and be part of NeoPeopleism. It can exist within capitalism — just not the winner-take-all form of capitalism currently practised.

NeoPeopleism is the affirmation that cooperation and community are at the centre of humanity’s strengths and successes, and always have been. It is based on the timeless fact that people matter most — all people.

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Words to live by and share

 A big part of remaking our world is using words that respect and recognize what’s important to people — both in private and in public.

Words now have less meaning, and everyone is feeling it, with companies, politicians and media pundits bending our ears repeatedly for their own benefit, not ours.

Hard-working and considerate people have a proven track record for helping each other out of tough times. Our shared values of health, family, community, fairness and employment are our shared strengths, and our way out of the global crisis created by those using the dual swords of money and power on people.

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