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Economic inequality – let’s not hit the wall

by Stagedesigner on June 11, 2017

The people steering the economy are drunk with power. They are siphoning off 85% of the wealth and leaving the rest of us on the side of the road. Being rich should not mean you get to control the economy and everyone else’s lives. We need politicians to care more about regular people than the rich and the giant corporations. #Extremegreed needs to get out of the driver’s seat.

who are the crash test dummies


The world does not have a remote control

by Stagedesigner on April 20, 2017

The world doesn’t have a remote control. To change things you have to get up and do something. If the focus of change is providing more fairness, dignity and community involvement then you are on the right track. Here’s to better days for everyone, not just the top 0.1%.

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Celebrating the spirit of people

by Rob Hueniken on March 17, 2017

While we are not all Irish, it is great to be celebrating community and, in an era of corporate greed and control, to revel and sing and toast the amazing spirit of people!

celebrating the amazing spirit of people


We need a new hammer

by Rob Hueniken on February 8, 2017

Our economic system has been bent to serve one purpose: to build wealth for just a few. So it’s not surprising that it hurts the environment, creates unemployment, and denies people a fair share of the immense global prosperity.

What we need is an economic system that works for everyone, not just the rich. Here’s to an end to #ExtremeGreed, and a new commitment to widespread prosperity.



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Bridging the gaps between groups

January 13, 2017

Dividing people and serving the rich are the goals of most political leaders. They love money more than people, and it’s easier than changing the system. Their tools are making people angry at each other and afraid. It keeps each group in a box, and isolates us from cooperating in a wider, shared society and prosperity. The way out takes personal effort: finding ways (in your life) to bridge the gaps between groups, and holding politicians and big corporations accountable for the mess their #ExtremeGreed has made of our world.

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The changes that people need

December 3, 2016

The changes that people need start with people changing how they participate in business, politics and community. The business and political leaders have long ignored the declining prosperity of hard working people, and allowed corporations to be the only voices heard. People have stayed hopeful, working more jobs for less income, and kept quiet by big screen TVs and fancy cell phones. But now it’s clear that widespread prosperity isn’t coming soon, and that the people with the most money and power want even more of it. The world needs more people involved and active in the issues and organizations […]

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4 Reasons to fix Financial Inequality

October 22, 2016

Harvard philosopher T. M. Scanlon offers four key reasons why we should fix the problem of Financial Inequality. 1) Economic inequality can give wealthier people an unacceptable degree of control over the lives of others.If wealth is very unevenly distributed in a society, wealthy people often end up in control of many aspects of the lives of poorer citizens: over where and how they can work, what they can buy, and in general what their lives will be like. 2) Economic inequality can undermine the fairness of political institutions.If those who hold political offices must depend on large contributions for […]

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Knowing when to close the screen

September 17, 2016

It isn’t just kids that are getting addicted to screens. We are encouraged (and expected) to use our iPads, phones and TVs. It’s hard for people to understand how curiosity leads to wasted potential. There is always one more webpage to look at, one more tweet to send, and one more TV series to binge watch. People don’t get bored now, so they don’t know when to close the screen and actually do something. Here’s to people getting out into community, experiencing life eye to eye, and helping to make a difference. Click here to read the New York Post […]

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Makers and Takers

July 5, 2016

Most people are realizing that our economy is broken, and that despite their hard work, very few people find a good job or get paid well. This article (“Saving Capitalism”), from the cover of Time Magazine, shows how the financial services sector has gone from serving businesses to extracting 85% of all the money. It employs very few people, discourages research and development, and focuses only on short-term gains and consumption. But we can change things. Our system of capitalism has good elements, and it had good rules. Those broken rules can be fixed! Article: How Wall Street is choking […]

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It’s Time for a Balanced Economy and People-Focused Government

April 13, 2016

As news and business reports are making clear, the rich have a huge (and growing) influence over both the economy and politics. In an animated GIF created by the Financial Times, the damage to working people is easy to see, and getting worse.   (Graph via Michael Hiltzik, of the LA Times) The Pew Research Center study on America’s middle class shows the 40 year trend: The biggest group used to be in the Middle Class, but now is the rich. Income is down for everyone, except for the rich. There is a growing number of people in poverty. In […]

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