I’m with you – a Covid tribute to you

“I’m with you” is a tribute and an encouragement to everyone as we conquer Covid and reimagine a world with more kindness, where people matter more.

We are all separated from others – missing them – and wishing they were right here with us. Life loves, new loves, people who are hurting, and people needing to hear us say:

I’m with you.

Selling out our Sons and Daughters

ChrisVelan-sqrMontreal singer-songwriter, Chris Velan, wrote “un-American Gothic” to remind us how far our society has strayed from the positive principles that America was founded on. From the early hopes of freedom and peace, we’ve gone too far down the dark alley of greed and pollution. The powerful and greedy are stealing the future from everyone else. Writes Velan: “When did we give up on trying? Blinded by the dream.” Where are the politicians and business leaders willing to share the prosperity with hard working citizens? Where are the advocates showing that people matter more than money? Have we really gone too far to reclaim the American dream?

You can watch the music video for un-American Gothic here:

It’s not about the money (well, now it actually is)

In her cheerful yet poignant song, Price TagJessie J shone some light on our society’s obsession with money in the 1990s and early 2000s.

But now, with unions crushed and without public health care, people clearly see the need for a more fair economy.

Any economy that creates billionaires and poverty is out of balance.

Jessie J reminds us there are simpler, priceless aspects of life. Money is a useful tool, but people also need love, music and community. But darn it, people need money too!

You can also read an article about her and this song.

Redemption Song

A global music effort is underway by a diverse group of musicians and singers known as Playing For Change. Bob Marley’s Redemption Song has powerful lyrics that can speak to almost everyone in North America and Europe, where instead of a slavery theme, the words can speak to a loss of minds and time to the wheels of commerce.

You can also read an article about this band and this song.

Reach the Higher Ground is a classic Stevie Wonder song, and an encouragement for people to keep on trying – because together we can make the world better for people.

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