Remembering Who and What is most important

Remember who and what is importantThe American people have seen their economic hopes and hard work sucked up by the wealthy, and cast adrift by the Money-First focus of both Republican and Democratic leaders. But Americans know who is most important (People!) and what is most important (Shared prosperity).

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders each offer fragments of change: Sanders has his focus on flowing money back to people, while Trump uses and encourages anger against the system. The difference, for now, is that Trump is not unifying the people, but dividing them with racism and insults.

There is no doubt that Americans are shifting from brooding to demanding change. Here’s hoping that the next President will bring positive and inclusive economic and social change.

Figuring out Who and What is most important

New institutions for bringing about change

People need new institutions to deliver prosperityFor economic and social change to happen there needs to be both a movement (that values shared prosperity and excites people) and institutions (that generate and encourage improvements). In the past the people-focused institution was labor unions. But with unions being squeezed out by the rich and global pressures to reduce wages, there needs to be another type of grass-roots institution that brings about change.

Here’s a forward thinking article about changing our economy to have more worker-owned co-ops, community land trusts, and publicly-owned banks.

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Here is a link to the author’s books on transforming the economy and strengthening shared prosperity and democracy.

Finding ways to share prosperity is key