In a time of change, find the positive path and go together

There is a lot going on right now, and most of it is unsettling. But that is good, because so much of our world is based on bad ideas, including having an economy that’s rigged to generate billionaires instead of shared prosperity.

It is actually good to be unsettled by corporate greed, politicians who care about their rich buddies instead of us, and gigantic forest fires that didn’t used to happen. It is good to wonder why our jobs and futures were taken away from us, instead of us having so many opportunities that everyone could have a good future regardless of their skin color.

How did the land of opportunity get turned into the land of divisions and poverty?

We know we are in a time of change. We want things to change for the better but we don’t know how that could possibly happen. Can regular folks actually remake our world to be better? Yes, we can.

Here’s how we make positive change happen:

  1. We start by being kind to each other. Nothing good is going to come from yelling and hating others.
  2. We acknowledge that every one of us has been denied opportunities by self-serving politicians and greedy corporations.
  3. We build our local communities by sharing our skills, time and good will. We can create the joy of belonging!
  4. We listen more and recognize that every one of us needs love and seeks fairness. We can generate understanding and see our shared values and strengths. Yes, we have some differences, but we all have a lot in common.
  5. We hold our politicians accountable for inclusive, widespread prosperity and focusing on people.

We are in a time of change. The end result can be really good! It can be a new era of community, good health and waking up knowing there’s even more good things coming.

That is what humans do. We work together. We figure things out. We follow the ancient wisdom:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We’ve seen what happens when a few of us go fast: they get rich and leave us behind. It’s time for us to go far, together.