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January 2014

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Middle Out Economics – An economy for everyone

January 28, 2014

When a country has a strong and prosperous middle class, that country’s economy can be strong and growing. This is the opposite of what we’ve got these days, where new wealth rarely touches the hands of regular folks, but instead gets added to the mountains of underused money at the top. This winner-take-all economy punishes the middle class, and though harder to see, also punishes companies trying to employ and market to the middle class. A hundred years ago, Henry Ford started paying his workers better, based on one simple truth: When regular folks have more money they can buy […]

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Putting people first in our lives and our economy

January 28, 2014

Every day there are new voices calling for better ways for our economy to operate. The winner-take-all mindset and laws have seen fear replace hope in many people’s lives, and poverty replace prosperity. In their book, The Gardens of Democracy, authors Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu present a compelling and clear-headed plan for our economy. Hanauer and Liu view a new democracy not as an-feeling, antisocial machine, but as a garden: tended and existing within a healthy, people-focused ecosystem. They base their vision on ideas that speak truth for people, but run counter to the punishing version of capitalism we currently have: True self […]

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