#ExtremeGreed is a disease of the mind that causes people to care more about money than people.

It is currently an epidemic among the wealthiest 0.1% of the world.

It appears to be spread by lobbyists, corporate lawyers and susceptible politicians.

Once infected, the person loses empathy for others and believes that they don’t owe the world anything. They may actually believe their success is due strictly to their own ingenuity and efforts. They withdraw from community and those who have helped them succeed, and begin to use separate entrances, transportation and guarded homes.

Those stricken with #ExtremeGreed stop being productive, and see other people as stupid, lazy and unnecessary. Instead of sharing their prosperity by creating local industry, they will spin their extreme wealth repeatedly in the stock market.

Please see the following chart, to see if someone you know is a carrier of #ExtremeGreed.