The growing Wealth Gap threatens our future

There is a growing Wealth Gap in the world, including in Canada. Almost all new wealth gets pulled away from employees and ends up in hedge funds and vaults – away from things the public needs (education, health and infrastructure, and jobs).

What is amazing and unfortunate is that so many people underestimate how bad the Wealth Gap has gotten, and continue to think things will get better without their help and without changes to economic, political and social practices.

Here is an excellent video from the Broadbent Institute, showing how out of touch Canadians are with how bad the Wealth Gap is:

Problems: #ExtremeGreed #UnassignedTaxation #BelievingTheTrickleDownTheory
#HedgeFundsReduceNewEmployment #WealthFocusedPolitics 

Solutions: #ParticipateMoreInCommunity #EncourageBetterDecisionMaking #BeAnAdvocateForChange

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