Be a Neep – Change the world

People throughout history have changed the world, and we can do it again, together. 

Let’s be the ones who move our world from being money-focused back to being people-focused.
Let’s be the ones who challenge decisions that benefit only the wealthy and the powerful.
Let’s be the ones who live by a simple but powerful motto: People matter most.

Be a Neep — Change the world. 

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What NeoPeopleism is and is not

Here are some things that NeoPeopleism IS and IS NOT.

NeoPeopleism is NOT a religion, a political ideology or a form of socialism. You can be of any religion, political party or economic system and be part of NeoPeopleism. It can exist within capitalism — just not the winner-take-all form of capitalism currently practised.

NeoPeopleism IS the affirmation that cooperation and community are at the centre of humanity’s strengths and successes, and always have been. It is based on the timeless fact that people matter most — all people.

Two characteristics that NeoPeopleists often show are their caring and intentionality. We are all witnesses to positive changes when we are appreciative, respectful and encouraging of others. The more we do this, the more the world’s focus shifts to what matters to people.

The basis of NeoPeopleism has always existed, and is woven deeply into the fabric of our lives. Even those infatuated with extreme wealth and power know that it is the widespread good will and well-being of regular folks that allows our society to function, and them to have become wealthy.

Many of the world’s struggles are seeing bubbles of NeoPeopleist activity, as people rail against whatever and whoever is resisting the focus being on people. This includes the rising discontent with political parties, the Occupy Movement, tuition demonstrations, and Black Lives Matter. NeoPeopleism is needed and active wherever people are second class citizens, suffering beneath the interests of money and power. NeoPeopleism is needed in all scenarios of injustice, violence and poverty.

In North America, hard-working people are being denied good jobs, yet encouraged to live a money-focused, debt-inducing life style. As with other versions of inequality and injustice, people will tolerate this for a while, then find ways to set things right.

Various forms of fear, politics and social control keep people from actively pursuing improved living conditions. Most recently, people have been kept distracted by big screen TVs and cell phones — both of which are terrific for entertainment and communication. But even excellent tech cannot mask the growing divide in wealth and the loss of focus on people.

Our current winner-take-all economy is at odds with people’s natural sense of fairness, cooperation and human dignity. So it’s time for NeoPeopleism to rev up.

It’s time to get back to focusing on people.

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